The Truth About Natural Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatments at the cancer hospital are often characterized by a doctor-patient relationship in which the doctor presents the plan of treatment to the patient and then the patient receives them at the conclusion of the treatment. These patients often are more comfortable, more confident in their treatment and self-assurance in themselves and thus exhibit clear mental strength. Unfortunately these same patients are also limited by their limited mental abilities and often regressed psychologically as a result of the treatment. Many of these treatments do not leave the patient completely rehabilitated, some may offer only short-term symptomatic relief and relapse is likely. This article intends to describe in simple terms what to look for in a cancer hospital and what to do if you have a loved one who is undergoing treatment. If you are looking for more information then please go online and do a thorough search.

The first thing that you should look out for is if the cancer hospital is using natural cancer treatments. Although surgery and chemotherapy are effective, it is now known that chemotherapy often has a long-lasting adverse effect on the body, often leading to cancer developing again at a later age and even when the body can fight against the cancer naturally. Chemotherapy treatments often cause bone loss and hair loss, skin diseases such as leukoplakia, gastrointestinal problems and bowel problems. Some cancers respond well to naturopathic cancer treatment.

Another point to consider is that although chemotherapy is initially successful, the cure rate is not as high as hoped and in most cases, especially with advanced cancers, the patient's quality of life is affected for the longer they take the medication. It has been reported that the majority of people receiving chemotherapy receive at least one or more additional drugs, some of which have toxic properties and may cause a rebound effect when the medicine wears off. Many cancer sufferers have described the feeling as being like having an ice cream and cake diet. There are an increased risk of nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, as well as the increased use of medication to control side effects.

A Guide for Patients states "The best way to cure cancer naturally is by boosting your immune system and cutting the dose of systemic antibiotics you're taking...otherwise, it may help with the immediate discomfort of chemotherapy." Anderson also stated, "Glycine is particularly helpful in lowering the blood sugar levels and may help improve the symptoms of some types of cancer." Other holistic oncologist treatments include bioidentical hormones (bio-identical gonadotropin) and enzyme therapy.

Bio-identical hormones, or biologic therapy, is based on the idea that cancer cells are actually "self-growing" cells that have acquired the ability to reproduce without the presence of a mate. The therapy consists of specially formulated female hormones (estrogens), which when consumed by the body will stimulate the ovaries and uterus to produce the necessary quantities of progesterone and estrogen to stop cancer cells from multiplying. Oral bio-identical hormones are available without a prescription to both men and women. Enzyme therapy involves introducing into the body certain enzymes that the body can not produce on its own. This is said to enable the body to attack cancer cells directly, producing significant results in some patients.

While the medical treatments for cancer have proven effective in many cases, natural cancer treatments such as those mentioned above are effective for the majority of patients. It is often difficult to determine if natural therapies are more successful because each patient is different and responds differently to medical treatments. However, in many cases patients have experienced a complete response to natural therapies and have seen significant improvements in their overall health and cancer symptoms. Learn more in this link:

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